bloke picWelcome home.

Thanks for being here.


What you are invited to today is a celebration:  Bloke Modisane’s work is returning to South Africa. A homecoming?

You are invited to a beginning re-connection and critical investigation:

What does Bloke Modisane have say to our time? How do his works and thoughts matter for the questions of today? Are the questions still the same? How to translate the anger of a writer known mostly for his work in the 1950s into critical energy for today? How to acknowledge his ‘situation’ and seriously confront it?

And, while talking about a ‘homecoming’: What is a ‘home’?

The SoFireTown Crew invites you to this conversation.


One thought on “

  1. home is where the heart is. but daily we are exposed to questions that question us on a daily bases on where is that heart in this fast developing world we live in. we are constatnly on the move trying to find our way in life. where is home?what makes a home a home, is it the family, society?? my question is, what makes a home a home in this new era of life?

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