What makes a ‘home’.

Bloke Modisane, writer, journalist, traveler, whose words we celebrate in September, first in Sophiatown, Gauteng, South Africa; in the years to come in other places, also in Germany – had something to say about the impertinence of people declaring places ‘home’ or ‘not’, ergo taking liberty to destroy other people’s homes. He wrote:

“Whatever else Sophiatown was, it was home; we made the desert bloom; made alterations, converted half-verandas into kitchens, decorated the houses and filled them with music. We were house-proud. We took the ugliness of life in a slum and wove a kind of beauty; we established bonds of human relationships, which set a pattern of communal living, far richer and more satisfying – materially and spiritually – than any model housing could substitute. The dying of a slum is a community tragedy, anywhere.” Blame Me On History, Chapter I

This is global and it’s in a terrible way timeless. It’s what’s on the news.

check: www.blokeishome.com for seeing the show, for getting in touch

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