peter l makurube

the team of the bloke-project mourns the death of peter l makurube, who passed on today in johannesburg. he has been the most wonderful support and advisor on the project right from the start, a source of inspiration and grace, political wit, sharp words and wisdom. against lazy mediocrity.

we carry a sincere longing in our heart, bra peter: for you to be with us still. to come home to you from long days’ works. we are alone now. and we promise you today that we will carry on working in your spirit; for a world which does not accept ‘difference’ as an argument anymore.

we imagine you in your very own ‘house of truth’ right now, like in these nights in sophiatown; and there’s music, always.  perhaps you will have that conversation with bloke modisane now, as we dreamt about. and miriam makeba sings eternally. we will meet there again.

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