Welcome to a journey.

What you are invited to today is a critical celebration: Bloke Modisane’s work is returning to South Africa. To: Home?

In the course of a research project, we came across writings by the late William Bloke Modisane in Germany, where he died in exile in 1986. We brought the works to South Africa, where we are currently editing & publishing them in the next months.

You are invited to join this beginning reconnection and critical investigation. With our exhibitions, art encounters and discussions we ask: What does Bloke Modisane have say to our time? How do his works and thoughts matter for the questions of today? Are the questions still the same? How to translate the anger of a writer known mostly for his work in the 1950s into critical energy for today? How to acknowledge his ‘situation’ and seriously confront it? And, while talking about a ‘homecoming’: What is a ‘home’?

So many questions. Let’s move with Bloke.

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