peter l makurube

the team of the bloke-project mourns the death of peter l makurube, who passed on today in johannesburg. he has been the most wonderful support and advisor on the project right from the start, a source of inspiration and grace, political wit, sharp words and wisdom. against lazy mediocrity. we carry a sincere longing in our heart, bra peter: […]

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What makes a ‘home’.

Bloke Modisane, writer, journalist, traveler, whose words we celebrate in September, first in Sophiatown, Gauteng, South Africa; in the years to come in other places, also in Germany – had something to say about the impertinence of people declaring places ‘home’ or ‘not’, ergo taking liberty to destroy other people’s homes. He wrote: “Whatever else […]

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  “This book is for my mother MA-BLOKE and to the memory of my father JOSEPH who was killed by the Sophiatown which they bulldozed into the dust” – Dedication of “Blame Me On History” by Bloke Modisane

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vernissage: September 6th, 2014

we are happy to announce the venue of the first stop of the exhibition “bloke modisane: (in) a way back home” we open on september 6th, 2014, from 10.30am in the sophiatown heritage and cultural centre (SHCC) in sophiatown, based in dr a b xuma’s and madie b hall-xuma’s former house on toby street 73. we […]

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      Welcome home. Thanks for being here.   What you are invited to today is a celebration:  Bloke Modisane’s work is returning to South Africa. A homecoming? You are invited to a beginning re-connection and critical investigation: What does Bloke Modisane have say to our time? How do his works and thoughts matter for […]

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